THAT Bitch

So, it’s common knowledge every woman has that one (some have many) but there’s always that ONE girl you hate for a plethora of reasons. If as a woman you’re sitting here reading this and having a difficult time coming up with a person then you’re either a liar or you’re the person everyone hates. If you’re honest and self aware you know, like myself, you’ve probably spent an embarrassing amount of time judging, talking shit, cyber stalking and wishing yeast infections on said enemy. This post goes out to THAT bitch.

As many common girl beefs start this one happened over night and over a boy. I had been seeing a guy casually for about 8 months. How do you see someone casually for 8 months one might ask? Well, he was the first guy I pretend dated post my break up with the ‘ex of forever and a day’. I basically regressed to 17 years old. I had no knowledge of the dating world, the rules and  never had the confidence to ask questions. Score for Blondie, that’s what we’re going to call him, I was an easy target.  Anyway, we spent months upon months having sleep overs, going out getting drunk and dancing all night with our friends. He was like an adult sized child. Exactly the fun I needed in my life at that time. He brought my sexy back so to speak. I guess looking back on it he helped me more than hurt me.

We were just wrapping up another shore summer and it was one of the best I had had in a while. In my head after the amazing summer we just had how could he not make things official? Well, how wrong I was, per usual. September was here now summer nights shifted to Indian summer/Fall nights in H town. Bar crawls, football and boot weather was now what consumed me and my friends. I started noticing Blondie was not going out of his way to make plans with me.. We’d make plans only to have something come up and never meet up. Now, had I been a little more educated in the dating world I would’ve assumed another girl was in the picture but naivete made me turn a blind eye to that. Another part of it was ego.  I have an incredible way of thinking no one can do better than me… which I still maintain but somehow they manage to do everyone else other than me but I digress.

So as it turns out he was sleeping with another girl behind my back over that magical summer I thought we shared. Shortly into Fall they were exclusively dating. Now, we shared a lot of mutual friends so this was all sorts of embarrassing for me. I was mortified but as I do with most situations I put my game face on and tried to be the bigger person. Stop me if anything sounds familiar ( ehemmm Douche story.) In the beginning we had to see each other a lot for different group events and of course his overly done up mutant girlfriend would be right along side him. Beyond her being a brunette we were polar opposites. Im tall… shes short. I have fake boobs… she has fake hair, fake eye eyelashes and photo shopped pictures.


I knew though I had no reason to really hate her. It was him I was mad at. Yes, she knew about me and I had no idea about her but still she was not the one who owed me the respect. That’ s super mature of me, right? Well, cant say the same for that bitch. She was and still is an insecure brat. She spent her time talking badly about me, making scenes when I would show up at events and eventually making him her lap dog to avoid us ever having the opportunity to speak again. One night I was so fed up with her behavior I took her aside to have a woman to woman discussion. I expressed to her that she has no reason to hate me. I in fact was not the one who had done wrong to either of them. I stated she shouldn’t be concerned that I was going to ever continue to pursue something with him especially given how I was treated. All I asked is that she give me the common courtesy to be respectful in person at events we all attended. Nothing more nothing less. To this she answered “lets hug it out.” I should have known then I would spend the next few years hating sharing oxygen with her… Snooki’s doppelganger.

As time went on her behind the back verbal attacks got worse even though she never had the balls to say a word to my face. Somehow I was the whore, not her, even though she cheated on her boyfriend to eventually break up Blondie and I. She even began to take to social media via twitter to passive aggressively sub tweet things about me. Every woman has her breaking point. I tried mature now I was ready for vengeful, tongue lashing cunt a title I pull off well. I fired back via twitter and even through convos with her friends all  the while still being able to convey that SHE was the asshole and not I.  Her insults and back hands, however amusing, have never been quite up to par with mine. So, while I commend her effort, she’s still subordinate.

Over the past couple years it’s died down a lot. I hardly entertain her unless friends bring new things to light but every now and then I just can’t help myself. No matter how far I’ve moved past blondie, the fact that he is an after thought still will never change the mutual disdain she and I have. We could both be married with 8 kids between us and wander into the same restaurant and for sure we will say “God I hate THAT bitch.” Some might see that as sad but Im ok with it. Im a woman, hating other bitches is equivalent to stripes on a tiger.



2 thoughts on “THAT Bitch

  1. Hi I just found your blog yay! I swear that I’ve NEVER hated another woman…I’ve been jealous of a woman to the point of severe sadness and depression, though. I was jealous of a woman that my guy friend (who I though I was falling in love with), like. She had 3 college degrees from very good TOP schools, she dressed like a ‘rich person’ (lol), and she was born and raised in New York City to doctors. She was so sophisticated and I was the typical Chicago “cute” (but never Hot), blue-collared working (not college degree’d) chick. That jealousy I felt for the woman made me want to do better but I didn’t ‘hate’ the other woman, though. I was disappointed with myself but I didn’t hate on her. I hated my guy friend for liking her enough to want to date her, but he didn’t see me that way. So, I hated him but not the girl he wanted to be with.

  2. Thank you for your comment I always appreciate feedback or commentary. I have to say its pretty interesting you’ve NEVER hated another woman. Good for you! In my opinion that means you’ve never had that kind of encounter with another female that brings out the very worst in you. You’re fortunate in that way and a rare breed. Women tend to hurt other women through actions or words and typically it starts at a very early age. For the most part I think women have encountered their fair share of mean girls starting in elementary school and continuing on through our adult lives. If you’ve gone this long without having another woman hurt you in some way to hate them, whether it be petty or life altering, then I truly commend you. Its not every day a woman can say that.

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